Air Show

Sunday, June 3rd at 2:00 p.m. at Willows Beach


Skydivers are brought to you by Pacific Airsports which is located at the airport in Campbell River, B.C. and Capital City Skydiving located on Willingdon Road, North Saanich, B.C.

Pacific Airsports:

Pacific Airsports is located at the airport in Campbell River,  B.C., the Salmon Capital of the World. Since 1977, Pacific Airsports has offered the thrill and excitement  of skydiving. They have a long tradition of high quality skydiving, training and  fun at the Campbell River Airport.  They are a Canadian Sport Parachuting Association affiliated  drop-zone.  Their experienced and talented skydiving instructors can take you on a  tandem skydive or teach you to be a safe and confident solo jumper, through our  CSPA approved training programs. Great prices and group discounts make it worth  the drive up to beautiful Campbell River. Their landing area is adjacent to their hangar, allowing your friends and family to witness your entire adventure, starting with gearing up for the  jump, climbing aboard our aircraft and landing gently with a very big smile on  your face. They look forward to having you at their Dropzone, so that you may experience the most incredible sport in the world: "SKYDIVING".
  • Piloting this year from Pacific Airsports will be: Robin Huenicke.  Robin was born in the west of Ireland.  After graduating with a degree in physics from Dublin City University, he moved to Canada to pursue his childhood dream of becoming a commercial pilot.  Robin completed his Commercial Pilot Licence at the Victoria Flying Club in 2014 and is a recent addition to the Pacific Airsports' team.  When talking about his role as a jump pilot, Robin says: "It's easily the best job I've ever had.  At the Drop Zone there is always a great atmosphere as everyone is excited to be there!"  In the future, Robin hopes to fly float planes on the West Coast.

Capital City Skydiving: TBA

Skydivers participating in this year's Air Show are:                                            

  • Bob Verret has retired after a 34 year career in the Canadian Military.  Bob served 27 years as a SAR Tech in the Canadian Forces Search and Rescue.  Parachuting has become his favourite activity and he is a parachute instructor, coach, tandem master,  and videographer in Victoria, with his company Capital City Skydiving.  Bob is very proud to have the opportunity to jump with his son Dan.
  • Dan Verret was born in 1975 in Edmonton, AB and did his 1st parachute jump on his 18th birthday.  Since that time, Dan has accumulated close to 1,100 jumps.  Dan joined the military in 1994 and served the 1st and 3rd Battalion PPCLI including an overseas tour in Kosovo in 1999.  Dan remustered to the air force in 2001 when he was selected as a Search and Rescue Technician.  Dan is on his 3rd operational tour with the rescue team as a member of 442 Squadron based at 19 Wing Comox on Vancouver Island.  Outside of the military, Dan is a Freefall Coach, Jump Master and Tandem Master instructor at Pacific Airsports in Campbell River.  He is proud to be part of a parachuting family and hopes you enjoy the show!
  • Rob MacNeill has been in the sport for 31 years and has over 2,200 jumps.  Rob graduated from Oak Bay High School in 1981 and is a 25 year veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces.  He will be jumping a green and blue canopy and a legion flag.
  • John Meek has been skydiving for most of his life.  In 1965 while serving with the Canadian Army, John was stationed at Naval Air Station Oceanus, Virginia, where he learned to skydive with the U.S. Navy Seals.  John is an instructor and videographer and has 5,000 jumps or more, a large number of those were accumulated while videoing tandem parachute jumps.  John always enjoys jumping at the Tea Party and we enjoy having him.
  • Pete Vos started jumping in 1988.  He has done over 1,800 jumps and holds an "expert" Skydiving License, being the most advanced skydiving license issued by the Canadian Sport Parachuting Association.  Pete is a ground coach, air coach, First Jump Course Instructor and a Freefall Training Instructor with Capital City Skydiving and Victoria Skydivers.  This year will be Peter 23rd jump and landing at the Tea Party.  Peter enjoys doing night jumps dressed up as Elvis and tells us that he is always happy when his parachute opens!
  • Brian Mury is an engineer with a local firm who previously served 16 years in the military, first as an army medic, then as a naval combat systems engineer.  He is a former member of the Canadian Forces Parachute Team, the Skyhawks.  Brian is a skydiving instructor, coach, tandem master and parachute rigger with Victoria Skydivers.  He has been skydiving for 21 years, has 2,100 jumps and has spent over 25 hours in free fall.  Brian will be jumping a purple, teal and grey canopy.
  • Tim Bolderson is a very experienced skydiver from Victoria with other 2,000 jumps skydives and 20 years in the sport.  Tim has travelled around the world skydiving and spent 5 years living and jumping in Arizona where he trained with the US Army Skydiving Team, the Golden Knights.  Keep your eyes open for the bright red canopy with a white stripe.
  • John Gustafson is a criminal lawyer practising throughout British Columbia, Alberta and the Yukon.  When John can escape the confines of court, he likes to spend his time falling from the sky.  John started skydiving about 14 years ago, roughly the same time as he started his legal career, although he maintains that the two are NOT related!  John is also an instructor and coach with Victoria Skydivers.  John is always happy to land on Willows Beach and his two young sons...the skydivers of tomorrow...will be there to watch their dad on Sunday.
  • Derek Janes is 56 years of age and has been jumping since 2002.  He has 1,000 jumps.  Derek is an instructor and videographer. His canopy is blue with black centre and black end cells.
  • Hank Miller started skydiving in 1981 and has 2,600 jumps.  Hank is a former member of the Canadian Forces Parachute Team, the Skyhawks.  Hank is a skydiving videographer and has a coach and instructor rating.  Hank also wanted to mention he is single so single ladies watch for the blue and white striped canopy!
  • John Hardy did his 1st jump in 1979 and has close to 4,000 jumps and 50 hours of free fall.  John's main focus these days is big way free fall formations.  John is currently on the Skydivers Over Sixty World Record of 60 grey hairs set in 2012.  John is also on the current Parachutists Over Phorty World Record of 123 set in 2015.  John loves jumping at the Tea Party.  Watch for him his parachute is two-tone green.
  • Mike Cyr has been skydiving in Victoria for over 20 years and has accumulated over 1,000 jumps.  Mike is an electrical engineer in Victoria.  Mike also served with the Canadian Forces.  He is an avid BASE jumper and skydive instructor who would be more than happy to take anyone for their 1st skydive!  Mike's canopy is all white.
  • Paul Steel did his first jump into the Oak Bay Tea Party on June 3, 1972 and then 10 more jumps at our event after that.  After 30 years of family and career obligations, Paul has returned to the sport.  He has 2,250 jumps and is looking forward to landing on Willows Beach this year.  Paul's canopy is blue with two white cells.


  • TBA


  • John Mrazek from Delta, BC flying his beloved Harvard the "Pussycat II".
  • Richard Mrazek from Delta, BC flying  a YAK 18T.


Thanks to John Mrazek for getting the civilian aerobatic planes together,our own air traffic controller Randy MacKenzie and our "on the beach" announcer Sean Steele who is also an aeobatic pilot and has been on the Board of Directors for the Victoria Flying Club for the part 20+ years.  We also thank Transport Canada and Nav Canada for their assistance.

A special thank you to the Royal Canadian Air Force and all of it's members for their continuing support of our Air Show.

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